Whole wheat and White sourdough long loaves

NO Dairy (except in cheese breads); NO eggs; NO oils; NO sugar...
...NO fast rise yeast! Only long fermentation sourdough from sourdough starter!

For restaurants, delicatessens, cafeterias, sororities, fraternities, etc. Anyone going through a lot of bread and needing a healthy bread for their people with bread dietary issues, we offer our Long and Deli loaves.

Our long loaves yield 21 slices not including heels. Our deli loaves yield 14, 5-1/2 inch extra wide slices not including heels.

For Vegans we offer: White sourdough, Porter sourdough (White with a generous amount of Oregon Trails Ginseng Porter added), Spinach Onion sourdough, Dark and Light Rye, Sundried Tomato, and Kalamata Olive.
While non-Vegan only by virtue of containing honey, our Whole Wheat and Multigrain are crowd pleasers!

The guaranteed sale breads we place in stores include some mark-up in case they don't sell. We put that mark-up back into Commercial, non-guaranteed sale breads by increasing the loaf weight and yield... For the same wholesale price!

Other Breads

Our standard size loaves are also available with an additional discount for non-guaranteed sale orders. Call for pricing.

We also make soup bowl rounds and long sandwich hoagie/submarine sandwich loaves.
Our sandwich loaves use a softer dough and are thinner and wider than our batards. Sandwich loaves start at 18 inches, and we can bake up to 30" (2-1/2 feet). Call for pricing.
[I asked a sausage maker if a 2-1/2 foot bratwurst, etc. could be made; he said sure, by special order. But...How would you cook a 2-1/2 foot brat? Maybe 2, 1-1/4 foot brats would be more practical...]

If you have an oddball bread idea in mind, run it by us: If you need some 2-1/2 foot long, coarse salt sprinkled bread sticks, we'll give it a shot!

Alpine Sourdough Bakery