REAL Sourdough

Besides being delicious and complementing any meal, sourdough bread is a healthy choice for your lifestyle!

An ongoing problem in the sourdough bread industry is simulated sourdough breads.

Doctors and Nutritionists tell their patients about the health benefits of sourdough, their patients buy sourdough, they experience no benefit. Why? Because it’s perfectly legal to call any sour flavored bread “sourdough”.

What does this mean to you? None of the following health studies apply to simulated sourdough fast rise breads!

Quotes from Dr. James Beasley, Ford Foundation Project:
"Most of us do not know that before the 1950’s most bakeries ran 2 shifts of workers because the dough was fermented throughout the night with a long and slow natural fermentation process. The very first things corporate bakers did to increase profits was to introduce the fast loaf (3 hours from start to finish), effectively eliminating the need for this second shift of workers. This seemingly innocuous cost-cutting decision would prove to have an incredible impact on our health as have a host of commercial processes in the food and agricultural areas."

"Very basic sourdough bread that had once been fermented for a healthy 8 hours or more is not to be found anywhere except in ones own kitchen today." [and Alpine Sourdough Bakery]

"Fast-made bread is one of the most destructive implementations into the modern diet. It has become normal fare. Poorly-prepared and poorly-digested wheat is the chief contributor to the current plague of “gluten-intolerance,” obesity, diabetes, Candida diseases and many allergenic conditions all of which contribute to the conditions that cause cancer."

"Only when wheat gluten is properly fermented is it healthy for human consumption. When not, it is potentially one of the most highly allergenic foods we eat."

Excerpt from University of Guelph (Canada) bread study:
[Prof. Terry Graham, Department of Human Health and Nutritional Sciences]

"Using white, whole wheat, whole wheat with barley and sourdough white breads, Graham and a team of researchers examined how subjects responded just hours after eating the bread for breakfast and again just hours after eating a standard lunch.

The subjects, who were overweight and ranged between 50 and 60 years of age, showed the most positive body responses after eating sourdough white bread, and those positive responses remained even after eating a second meal that didn't include bread.

"With the sourdough, the subjects' blood sugar levels were lower for a similar rise in blood insulin," said Graham, whose findings are to be published in the British Journal of Nutrition. "What was even more interesting was that this positive effect remained during their second meal and lasted even hours after. This shows that what you have for breakfast influences how your body will respond to lunch."

We STRONGLY RECOMMEND clicking the above links and reading the complete articles.
Clearly, even our plain white sourdough is a healthier choice than commercial yeast whole wheat breads. Our natural slow fermentation process:
• Aids in digestion
• Creates lower carb and gluten levels
• Benefits the entire immune system
• Lower hypoglycemic levels for diabetics

Check the label! If the sourdough bread in question wasn't fermented from starter, it's baker's yeast fast bread. Any bread listing distilled white vinegar (acetic acid), lactic acid, citric acid as additives is not REAL sourdough. Some of these breads list so many chemicals, I wouldn't feed them to Sea Gulls, much less my family!

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