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Spinach Onion Sourdough

NO Dairy (except in cheese breads); NO eggs; NO oils; NO sugar...
...NO fast rise yeast! Only long fermentation sourdough from sourdough starter!

For our Vegan friends, we've noted our breads that do not contain honey.

Delivered to Stores:

Tuesday And Friday:

White Sandwich Loaf (vegan)
Whole Wheat Sandwich Loaf
Raisin Walnut
Porter Bread (vegan)
Spinach Onion Deli Roll (vegan)
Multigrain Deli Roll
*Baguettes and Batards (vegan)
*Garlic Basil Croutons
*Cranberry Hazelnut (Tuesday only)
Light Rye Peasant Loaf (Tuesday only) (vegan)
*Organic Whole Grain Wheat (Friday only)
Dark Rye Peasant Loaf (Friday only) (vegan)

*Not Delivered To All Stores

Specialty Breads
(Farmer's Market or Special Order)

Pepper Cheese
Sundried Tomato/Basil/Oregano/Garlic Round (vegan)
Kalamata Olive/Rosemary Round (vegan)
Old World Black Loaf
Light Rye With Blue Cheese & Walnuts
Garlic Cheese With Basil Deli Roll

Are you planning an event? a $50.00 minimum order will qualify you for wholesale pricing!
See our Commercial Breads link for more large quantity options.

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